Thursday, 11 September 2014

Sights and scenes: Prievidza

Prievidza, Slovakia
29 Aug 2014 | From Katarinka of Slovakia

Prievidza is the economic and administrative centre of the area of Upper Nitra. This city in the central-western Slovakia is considered as one of the”greenest” towns of Slovakia. Prievidza is a centre for many institutions of regional importance - governmental as well as commercial.

Several places of interest can be visited in Prievidza. The Hornonitrianske vlastivedné múzeum (Museum of Natural History of Upper Nitra) in the monastery from the 18th century offers information on history of the town. The monastery with its church is one of the most beautiful Baroque complexes in Central Europe. The national cultural monument Rušňové depo (Locomotive Depot) is considered the best-preserved facility of its kind in Slovakia. The stone-made Trojičný stĺp (Holy Trinity Column) from 1740, with its front side decorated by a sculpture of St. Rozália, dominates the Square of Freedom (Námestie slobody) in the town of Prievidza.

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