Monday, 29 September 2014

Round-the-Island-walks in Guernsey

The Grande Havre Bay from Chouet to The Rousse Tower
10 Sept 2014 | From Holly of Guernsey

Grand Havre Bay is located in Rousse which is a town in Guernsey. It is popular for its Round-the-Island-walk and a spectacular rocky coastline. One of the famous island walks is the Grande Havre to L'Ancresse and back. This walk starts from Grande Havre, then passes Ladies bay to arrive at the popular bays of Pembroke and L'Ancresse, before heading back through quiet lanes and footpaths. Chouet is known for its Winter Walk. It involves trekking the island's largest gull flock to take a walk around Chouet headland.

The Rousse Tower is fully restored and accessible loop-holed tower was originally built in the 19th century to defend the island against the threat of a French invasion. The tower has been wonderfully maintained and is complete with replica cannons, making it a great place to stop off along your walk around Rousse headland.

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