Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hamburg: Land unter am Fischmarkt

Spring and Autumn Flood
6 Aug 2014 | From Andreas of Germany

Flood often visits Germany during the seasons of spring and autumn. In these seasons, Germnay often have heavy storms. When the strong storm blows the wind from north-west, water from the North Sea will be pressed into Elbe River. It would result to huge floods as shown in the postcard. Andreas also shared that these street signs and lamp posts are normally 20 metres away from the river.

Spring floods could be Germany's costliest natural disaster. In the past, extreme rainfall events have repeatedly led to flood disasters involving great damage. In addition to climate influences, other factors that play an important role in the risk of flooding are reduced retention due to straightening of watercourses, the construction of weirs, the loss of water meadows and wetlands, and increased surface sealing.

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