Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Chinese garden architectural designs

Lin Ben-Yuan Family Abode and Garden
12 Aug 2014 | From Hsiang-Ling of Taiwan

The Chinese garden is a landscape garden style which has evolved over three thousand years. There are various architectural types in the garden such as the Ting, Tai, Lou, Ke, Tang, Wu, Xuen, Xie, and so on. A typical Chinese garden is enclosed by walls and includes one or more ponds, rock works, trees and flowers, and an assortment of halls and pavilions within the garden, connected by winding paths and zig-zag galleries. They create an idealized miniature landscape, which is meant to express the harmony that should exist between man and nature.

The Lin Ben Yuan, also known as the Banqiao Lin Family, are a Taiwanese family of businesspeople, politicians, and scholars. The Lin Family Mansion and Garden, the house of family, is a typical Chinese garden which was appointed as a national monument in Taiwan.

Hsiang-Ling now resides in China to look for a job after completing her university degree.

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