Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Thracian Golden Treasure

Panagyurishte Gold Treasure
28 May 2014 | From Katya of Bulgaria

Katya and I swapped postcard before. She wrote in her first postcard that she will send me another one showing the Treasures of Bulgaria. And so, here is the card :)

The Thracians were a group of Indo-European tribes inhabiting a large area in Central and Southeastern Europe. The Thracians are skillful craftsmen. They made beautifully ornate golden and silver objects such as various kinds of vessels, rhytons, facial masks, pectorals, jewelry, weapons, etc. The Panagyurishte Treasure is one of the important Thracian treasures.

The golden treasures shown in the postcard are objects from the Panagyurishte Gold Treasure, 4th c. BC, discovered in 1949 (nine vessels, 6.164 kg in all). They were discovered by three brothers, Pavel, Petko and Michail Deikov who worked together at the region of “Merul” tile factory near the town of Panagyurishte, Bulgaria. It consists of a phiale, an amphora and seven rhytons.

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