Monday, 5 May 2014

Of Legends and Surfers

The Legend of Nazaré
14 Mar, 2014 | From Ana of Portugal

Ana shared to me this legend: The Legend of Nazaré has it that on the early morning of September 14, 1182, Dom Fuas Roupinho alcalde of Porto de Mós, Portugal, was out hunting in his domain, near the coast, when he saw a deer which he immediately began chasing. The deer ran towards the top of a cliff. Due to a sudden fog, Dom Fuas only later realized that he was on the edge of the cliff and lost his companions. When he realised that he recognised the place. He was next to a small grotto where a statue of Our Lady with the Enfant was venerated. Thus he prayed out loud Our Lady, Help Me. All of a sudden the horse miraculously stopped at the end of a rocky point suspended over the void, the Bico do Milagre, thus saving the rider and his mount from a drop of more than 100 metres, that would certainly caused their death.

Ana also shared that the surfer Garrett McNamara broke the world record for the highest wave ever surfed here at Nazaré.

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