Monday, 26 May 2014

Dances in Thailand

Ram lenuknakhon
12 May, 2014 | From Film of Thailand

Lenunakhon Dance is a folk art of the north-eastern Thailand, Renunakhon. It is a Phu Tai village known for cotton weaving.

Ram thai (Thai dance) is the main dramatic art form of Thailand, and is an integral part of their culture. Thai dance are classified as classical or folk. The two major forms of Thai classical dance drama are khon and lakon nai. In the beginning both were exclusively court entertainments and it was not until much later that a popular style of dance theater, Likay, evolved as a diversion for the common folk who had no access to royal performances. The traditional folk dances of Thailand have their roots both in the indigenous tribal cultures and various colonial influences from Burma and Indonesia. The dances are steeped in the traditions of Asian folk dance and renowned for their graceful choreography.

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