Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Children of Guatemala

Niños Mayas
23 Apr 2014 | From Richie of Guatemala

Richie told me about the stickers that the Guatemalan post office are placing in the postcard. If there's no space at the back of the postcard, they will stick it in the front side of the postcard. I actually contemplated for a while if I should remove the sticker. But I realized, it somehow adds character to the postcard.

Guatemala’s nickname of “The Land of Eternal Springtime”. The country has a rich indigenous heritage, and people in colorful Mayan clothing are still a regular part of the daily scene. But Guatemala’s paradise-like environment is marred by severe poverty and frequent natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding and landslides, making it one of the places where Children International’s efforts are most needed and appreciated.

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