Thursday, 15 May 2014

Carinthia's newest attraction

15 Apr 2014 | From Swen of Austria

Pyramidenkogel is an 851-metre (2,792 ft) high mountain in Carinthia, Austria. A wooden observation platform had been built in 1950, as was a cross to remember the dead of World War I and World War II and "victims of the mountains." The cross was consecrated on 20 August 1950. 

The current 54-metre tall observation and broadcasting tower of steel and concrete, the Pyramidenkogel Tower, was built between 1966 and 1968 and is a well-known "futuristic" tourist attraction, according to the Rough Guide to Austria; Lonely Planet calls it "avant-garde." In 2008, the last summer season before rebuilding, the tower welcomed the five-millionth visitor.

Swen also sent a small bookmark and some Euro coins from Austria. 1€ has Wolfgang A. Mozart. 0.10€ has the St. Stephen's Cathedral. 0.05€ has the Alps flowers.

Source: Wikipedia

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