Sunday, 4 May 2014

A thank-you postcard from Estonia

Estonian Folklore
8 Mar 2014 | From Patrik of Estonia

Patrik and I arranged a swap late last year. I will send him a postcard, and in return he will send me a postcard from his trip to Morocco early 2014. This postcard was sent as "thanks" for the postcard I mailed him :) I am now excited for the Morocco postcard he is about to send to me :)

The postcard shows a girl from the Mustjala Village in Estonia wearing their region's traditional clothes. Mustjala is a village in Mustjala Parish, Saare County in western Estonia. Their clothes can be defined by a gathered skirt, top part in dark brown-red colour, lower half with red, blue, green and black horizontal stripes on white background. The vest is in same colour as top part of skirt with red, green and black front panels, gold ribbon, brass rings. Cross stitch on canvas belt in white and red.

Every regions in Estonia have different traditions and clothes. In the stamp, people of Setomaa are shown in their traditional clothes. The people there have a very distinct culture and language. Setomaa is a region south of Lake Peipus and inhabited by the Seto people. They are Orthodox Christians unlike most Estonians who are Protestants.

See the Moroccan postcard here.

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