Monday, 14 April 2014

Happy Mailbox: 17 January 2014

Postcards received 17 Jan, 2014

I dropped by our local post office today to claim a parcel. I got this notice last week so I decided to just report for work a little late than my usual time. I was at the postal office 8 o'clock. Then I claimed the package, bought some stamps, and got a lot of postcards - which are supposed to be delivered today. I saved my postman some extra work. 

Thank God for flexi-time work schedule :) I arrived in my office 10 in the morning.

The package was a shirt and pen from Erl of Norway. It was his Christmas gift. I felt kinda guilty since I did not get him any :( I'll just send him a post New Year gift :)

Then from the 32 postcards, 17 are from the Official Postcrossing, and the rest are from Facebook swap and lotteries. From this bunch are also my first postcards from New Zealand and Tunisia.

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