Thursday, 3 April 2014

French Cuisine: La tourtière

Pie from greedy south west
29 Nov 2013 | From Sebastien of France

For 6 persons: 250g flour, 125g butter, a spoon of water of flower orange tree, 250g stoned Agen's prunes, 1kg apples, 125g caster sugar, 10 cl Armagnac, a pinch of salt, half-glass water, 1 package of vanilla sugar

Gradually incorporate flour and salted water, form a ball then spread the pastry on a floured table. Spread the softened butter on all surface, and fold back the four corners, and put it back down for 20 minutes. Peel and slice apples in thin strips, and divide the prunes into two. Powder them with vanilla sugar then sprinkle with Armagnac and flower of orange tree. Stir well so that the fruits are impregnated of sugar and aromatics.

Spread out the pastry again and fold it into three, start again six times, and put it back down 10 minutes between each turn. Butter the cake tin, paper it with one part of the pastry, then add the fruits, and cover with the rest of the pastry. Close the pie with floured fork. Cook for 30 minutes in average heat, sweeten the pie at the end.

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