Wednesday, 2 April 2014

French Cuisine: Foie gras en terrine

Fatted goose liver in terrine
29 Nov 2013 | From Sebastien of France

For 450g fatted goose/duck liver, 50g salt, 10g pepper. Very easy to cook. Salt and pepper the fatted goose liver. Cook it with a very soft fire in an anti-adhesive frying pan for 25 minutes. During cooking, turn it over on several occasions. With precaution, withdraw the liver from pan and put it into the terrine, pack it down lightly and pour the liverfat on the top. Keep it at the refrigerator (minimum of 4 days) before tasting. After being force-feeded with corn for a 20-day period, ducks and geese offer one of the most appreciated dish of all very good tables. As people from "Les Landes", "Le Gers", "Lot et Garonnais" (farmers of certain areas from "le Pays Basque) also are preparing this delight. It could be relished half-cooked, with grapes, or after cooking on toasted bread slices.

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