Sunday, 13 April 2014

Christmas Greetings from Romania

Crặciun Fericit!
10 Jan, 2014 | From Eduard of Romania

In Romanian, Merry Christmas is 'Crặciun Fericit'. The topmost picture is a handmade Christmas card Edi crafted for me from paper cutouts and colored pens. Inside he wrote Christmas Poem by Ronald Doe.

Christmas and mid-winter celebrations last from 20th December to 7th January in Romania. The 20th is when people celebrate St. Ignatius's Day. It is traditional that if the family keep pigs, one is killed on this day. The meat from the pig is used in the Christmas meals.

The Christmas celebrations really begin on Christmas Eve, 24th, when it's time to decorate the Christmas Tree. This is done in the evening of Christmas Eve. In Romanian, Christmas Eve is called 'Ajunul Craciunului'.

Sources: Why Christmas

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