Thursday, 3 April 2014

A letter from Algeria

Port of Algers
29 Nov 2013 | From Mourad of Algeria

Last February, Mourad and I arranged a swap. Unfortunately, his mail did not reach me. And since I am not the type of postcrosser to message fellow postcrossers and swappers regarding unreceived mails on my part, I just let it be. Such is life. As postcards will reach me, some postcards will not.

Then months later, I got an e-mail from Mourad. He was asking if I did receive his mail. After a telling him that I did not and that he need not to worry about it. he decided to send me another mail. And a few weeks after, I found this in my mailbox. A letter, a postcard, used stamps, bus tickets. The envelope was made by his cousin. He also asked me if we could continue our correspondence through letters and postcards.

About the postcard, the port of Algiers is the main port of the country, with a structure for general cargo and containers. It is also the main port for passengers in the country with ferry (ferries) for Europe.

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