Monday, 21 April 2014

A 1904 illustration for a learn-to-read book

"OT en Sien" | Cornelis Jetses (1873~1955)
17 Jan, 2014 | From Ineke of Netherlands

This is a postcard showing Ot and Rien walking in the rain, discovering the world around their home.

Ot en Sien (Ot and Sien) are two little children who appear in a series of stories which were written in the Dutch language more than a hundred years ago. Ot (short for “Otto”) is a little boy and Sien (pronounced like the English word “seen”), whose name may be short for “Francine”, is the little girl who lives next door. Although they are now very old fashioned, the books are still popular in Holland. They were written in rhyme and were illustrated with colourful pictures.

Source: Wikipedia

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