Monday, 31 March 2014

Ruins of St. Helena Island’s Chapel of Ease

An old Mausoleum and graveyard out beside the Chapel of Ease
21 Nov, 2013 | From Michael of USA

Michael made this postcard from a photo he took at the ruins of an old church in St. Helena Island, in South Carolina.

The chucrch is called "The Chapel of Ease". What remains now is the ruins of an old church built around 1740.

The Chapel of Ease served the planters of St. Helena Island. The church was named as such because it was a convenient place of worship for island residents who lived too far from the parish church to attend services regularly. The chapel was abandoned in 1861 after people fled the island before the invading Federal army. 

A forest fire destroyed the church in 1868, and today only the outer shell of the old church remains. Locals believe that ghosts haunt the ruins and the nearby cemetery.

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