Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Polish Parliament Building

An Illustration of The Polish Parliament
13 Aug, 2013 | From Grzegorz of Poland

Grzegorz, my other pen-friend from Poland, sent me this postcard of the Polish Parliament which is located in Warsaw - the Polish capital. Poland's proud parliamentary tradition reaches back into the late middle ages: the Polish Parliament, (or the Sejm) met in various places around the Kingdom during the 16th century, finally settling in Warsaw, when the city became the capital in 1569. 

When Poland regained its independence in 1918, the recreated Sejm moved into the building of the former Academy of the Nobility at its present-day location. The building we see today, was built in 1928 and incorporates the older structure of the Academy, decorated with Art-Deco bas-reliefs inside and out.

It is best to visit the Sejm on days free from meetings and sessions. Visitors are only permitted to see the building when accompanied by a registered tour guide. You may see then the gallery, the main hall, Column Hall (Sala Kolumnowa) and other rooms.

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