Thursday, 20 March 2014

Map and Flag of Macedonia

Map and Flag of Macedonia
18 Sept, 2013 | From Goran Andonov of Macedonia

Goran and I decided to keep sending each other postcards - and this is one of the two postcards I recently received from him. Skopje is the capital of Macedonia. And he shared that Sveti Nikole is his hometown.

The national flag of the Republic of Macedonia depicts a stylised yellow sun on a red field, with eight broadening rays extending from the centre to the edge of the field. It was created by Pr. Miroslav Grčev and was adopted on 5 October 1995 after a one-year economic blockade imposed by Greece in order to force the Republic of Macedonia to remove the ancient Macedonian Vergina Sun from the flag.

Red and yellow have always been considered the main colours representing Macedonia, probably because of the colours of the historical coat of arms of Macedonia. The new eight-rayed sun represents "the new sun of Liberty" referred to in the national anthem of the Republic of Macedonia, Denes nad Makedonija ("Today over Macedonia").

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