Thursday, 13 March 2014

Czech Rural Architecture - an illustration

Jiri Skopek | Pod hradem Liticí
30 Apr 2013 | From Lucie of Czech Republic

Another postcard from Lucie. On this picture you can see a typical rural architecture from the Czech Republic all covered in snow. This place is near the Litice Castle in Eagle Mountains. She added that she loves this place because it is very relaxing and peaceful, and great for skiing.

Jiri Skopek is a Czech-born architect who left the country of his birth with his when he was just 19. Studying in London Jiri soon became involved in projects that included building a recording studio for the legendary The Who, and in the 1970s designing the first solar house in Britain's Milton Keynes. In later years he worked on the Arabian Peninsula, and - in the eve of the 90s - drew up the master plan for one of the most recognisable sites in Toronto.

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