Monday, 17 March 2014

A thank-you card from Eric of Taiwan

The Holy Ridge Trail
19 Jul, 2013 | From Eric Deng

Anjan, or Eric, sent me this thank-you card for the El Nido, Palawan postcard I sent him in the Postcrossing official track. He wrote to me how he love the Philippine seas, and about his trip to the Philippines - in Bohol, Cebu, Batad, Manila, and Taal Lake.

The picture shown in the card is the block filed in the saddle of Syue Mountain, on the way to Cuei Pond Road.

Saddle means the flatten slope between hills and looks like a saddle on horse. The block filedon Syue Mountain Saddle was formed by the climate variation during thousands of centuries, as time passed by, frozen by low temperature and dried by the sun's heat, the rock stones then broke as a block field.

The Holy Ridge is a razor thin ridge of mountains in the Sheipa National Park that runs from north to south connecting Snow Mountain to Dabajianshan. Holy Ridge is an absolutely stunning hike that takes you along the dragon’s spine, a ridge over 3000m above sea-level in the Sheipa National Park.  It is an epic hike and not one for the faint-heated with a number of cliffs to be negotiated and razor like ridges to be crossed.

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