Monday, 17 March 2014

A Tasty Treat

Tarantulas - A Tasty Treat
28 Jun 2013 | From Elma of Cambodia

The postcard shows "taranchalas", a regional exotic delicacy in Cambodia, covering the shirt of a Khmer girl in Skun, Kompong Cham Province, Cambodia. 

The spiders are a species of tarantula called "a-ping" in Khmer, and are about the size of a human palm. The snacks cost about 300 riel each in 2002, or about US$ 0.08. 

The taste has been described as bland, "rather like a cross between chicken and cod", with a contrast in texture from a crispy exterior to a soft centre. The legs contain little flesh, while the head and body have "a delicate white meat inside". Elma added that she have never tried it, but have seen a lot of people eating it.

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