Friday 20 November 2015

My 1000th postcard!

Sunflower and butterfly
25 May 2015 | From Ritva of Finland

May 25th, 2015 - I received my 1000th postcard, and it came all the way from Finland. There is also an interesting story behind this postcard. Ritva, a kind lady of 60 years old, sent me a random message from Postcrossing telling me that she just wanted to send me a postcard, and asked for my address. I gave her a reply along with my address and asked for hers in return. She did reply weeks after and gave me her address. I don't know if she did receive my postcard as I never heard from her again. Hi, Ritva, thank you again for the postcard. I appreciate your kindness. Hope you're well and in good health. Wishing you more beautiful postcards!

This postcard somehow reminds me of Spring ~ although we do not have Spring here, or any of the four seasons so to speak. I love how she used a matching stamp, and wrote such warm words - telling me that this postcard represents 'sun, light, and joy of my life.' Spring is always reminds us of new beginnings. Thus begins my quest for a thousand more postcards :)

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