Wednesday 18 November 2015

A procession rich in history

The Carnival of São Nicolau
6 May 2015 | From Lucia of Cape Verde

Lucia shared that the Carnival is the most important event in her island - São Vicente (the city of Mindelo). It officially takes place in the month of February, but small parades take place from the first days of January. The carnival is a special mixture of Brazilian and African traditions, as the Carnival in Mindelo attracts for its attempt of reproducing the Brazilian carnival, although at the country´s dimension

It is at the island of São Nicolau where one can live the real Kriolu´s carnival. In the Island of Chiquinho (named after the famous character from Baltasar Lopes Novel, Chiquinho) the carnival is played by its own criteria. São Nicolau´s carnival attracts for its unique characteristics which prevails after 80 years of tradition.

It all started with a modest celebration promoted by local youngsters transforming later into one of the main attraction of the whole island of São Nicolau. And in February, the number of visitors to the city of Ribeira Brava, where carnival is played on the city streets, rises significantly as a result.

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