Saturday 1 March 2014

I am me

i am typical. i am not cool.
i work the periphery, the empty spaces between cliques.

i am a mediocre, a scatterbrain, a basketcase.
i am boring. i am bored. i am gullible. i am naive.

i am a pessimist, a worry-freak.
i let my mind wander, and i waste my time doing nothing.

i dream a lot, daydream a lot, and 
i always hope against logic and experiences

i am lazy. i avoid responsibilities, and 
i escape from a lot of things.

i am an introvert. i enjoy solitude.
indifference has stimulated the human in me.

i am lost but i never wanted to be found.
i am neither here nor there.

i appreciate silence, but silence is something i could never be.
i breed noise and i talk too much.

my heart is cold, my words off-putting.
they never always come out right.

i cry my eyes for reasons unknown, and
laugh over the simplest things.

i whine and i curse a lot.
i am impatient.
i am awkward, i am aloof.
i am shallow.
i am empty.
i hope and i dream.
i hate and i love.
i live.
i live hard.
i am typical.
i am me.

Name Game
Jomanne Zeus - my real name; pronounced as /dʒo'mæn zews/ but some pronounce it as /dʒo'meɪn ze'use/ and I hate it.
Jok-jok - my nick at home
Jok - if they're (family and friends) too lazy to repeat the name; how my high school friends call me
'Suan - only my deceased gran'pa calls me this; it is shortened 'aswang' - a vampire-like witch ghoul in Filipino folklore. Just see fact no. 47 for the reason
Jomanne (dʒo'mæn) - how my college friends call me
Jomaine (dʒo'meɪn) - at least 5 people I know insist on calling me this
Jo - as I'm called by some people
Zeus - a handful of people calls me this
Riku - how I'm called at the office, and all the companies I've worked with. Long story.
Ku or Kuh - if they're (colleagues and office friends - current and previous companies) are too lazy to pronounce the first syllable of Riku
Kuku - Filipinos really have a fascination for nicknames containing repeated syllables

Me facts
1. I used to collect pencils and mugs
2. I unconsciously collect Starbucks tumblers and fridge magnets from around the world
3. I adore ferris wheels but I don't like riding 'em
4. I am fascinated with volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, lightnings, storms...
5. I love staring at the sky
6. As a kid, I used to bring home all the stray cats I see in the streets
7. I am seventh from nine siblings
8. I took up Computer Engineering in college, and finished cum laude
9. I would have been a Fine Arts student if I didn't back out
10. I once worked as a Programmer and Design Engineer. I still work in the IT field
11 and 21 are my favourite numbers
12. Green is my favorite color
13. My favourite author is Haruki Murakami
14. I have a shelf-ful of unread books - and they keep on adding up
15. I read a lot of Archie comics
16. I enjoy reading the almanac and atlas
17. I am an X-Men geek
18. I don't watch TV that much
19. I cry over J-Dorama, anime, and manga
20. It was a friend who signed me up at Facebook
21. I enjoy word and board games
22. I am obsessed with stripes
23. I love art
24. I love to draw
25. I don't dance
26. I talk fast. I have a stupid voice and an awful singing voice
27. ...but I was a member of our high school choir for four years
28. I was class secretary for 5 years
28. I was also the secretary for most school clubs, including the choir
30. I don't like the dry season / summer
31. ...but I have a love/hate relationship with the rain
32. I don't eat chicken or any poultry meat
33. I've eaten frog and woodworm once
34. My comfort foods are burger and pasta and dimsum
35. I prefer milk over coffee
36. I prefer the mountains, forests, and rivers over the beach
37. I never smoked cigarettes - since I first tried it at age 5
38. I don’t do drugs
39. I am not sporty
40. I learned to swim the hard way - my cousin's husband threw me at the deepest part of the pool and I have to save myself
41. I often lose my hankies
42. My socks are either stripes or green
43. I don't comb my hair
44. My hair is naturally (and dominantly) grey
45. I dyed my hair blonde, brown, ash, and red before
46. Inanimate eyes make me feel uneasy
47. I was born less than 9 months (they have to - my umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck that my head is already blackish. My grandparents actually shouted 'aswang' the moment I was born)
48. I studied the Japanese language 
49. Sleeping beyond six hours makes my head ache
50. I like lying on the floor

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